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Underneath, bold letters spell out “Church of Scientology” on one of the prime locations in St. Paul. When it housed the Science Museum of Minnesota.

they’re asked questions in one-on-one therapy-l.

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Edwin "Doc" Ayers, 71, of South Carolina and his daughter.

They depended on each other and followed the lead of the young.

(Minnesota section, Jan. 30.) Come on, government officials, we elected you to do a serious job! Get to it! Remaining questio.

Nicholas Wolter, 70, died Friday at his home in Pray, south of Livingston. A St. Paul, Minnesota, native.

Clinic’s first director of critical care and later as director of respiratory therapy. Thos.

Transgender Kids Thrive When Their Parents Embrace Their Identities – Many trans advocates accused the clinic and its head, Dr. Kenneth Zucker, of practicing reparative therapy (ex-trans therapy instead.

this week about parents at a charter school in St. Paul, Minnes.

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SAINT PAUL, MN — The Minnesota State Fair is just around the corner.

Super Frisbee: Nothing short of spectacular, this is the only traveling ride of its kind in North and South America. At 52 feet.

She moved to Chicago from St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1965 to attend college and has lived.

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NATIONAL Conversion therapy, E.J. Johnson, anti-LGBT attacks 2019-01-29 – Mayor Muriel.

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